Ceramic tiles can be Glazed or unglazed, ceramic tiles are normally the easiest to cut and drill because they are not as hard as their Porcelain or Natural stone counterparts.


bathroom tiled with ceramic tiles

This bathroom has been tiled using ceramic tiles


Ceramic tile Adhesive

Choose an adhesive that is suitable for your particular application. If you are tiling onto a wooden floor you will need a flexible floor adhesive. If you are tiling a shower cubicle you will need waterproof adhesive. I recommend non slip adhesive as it is easier to use.

Cutting Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are best cut with a standard Tile cutter, although you may also need a Wet tile saw

Drilling Ceramic Tiles

drill ceramic tile

Ceramic tiles can easily be drilled and are probably the easiest of all tiles to drill, please see here-

Tile drilling

For large diameter holes you can use  Diamond coated hole saws

Fixing Ceramic tiles

tiling with ceramic tiles

For wall fixing a trowel with 5 mm notches should be used

Tiling a wall

Tiling a floor


Ceramic tiles normally only require Grouting