Drilling tiles can be extremely difficult without the correct type of drill bit. In order to drill tiles the most common types of drill bit have been listed below, this should hopefully make the job much easier.

Some tiles are more difficult to drill than others. Often a tile is difficult to drill until the glaze has been drilled through, then it becomes easier.

Never try to drill a ceramic or porcelain tile using hammer action as it will break the tile!


tile drill bits

These are dedicated tile/glass drill bits. The advantage of the spear shape is that it is easy to get these drill bits started as they soon break through the glaze.

drill tile

The spear shaped tip on the end is made from Tungsten Carbide, these will make drilling ceramic tiles easy. To drill a tile simply use them on a slow speed in an electric power drill ( without hammer action).

It is a good idea to use a piece of masking tape to mark the hole, this will help the drill bit start and prevents the drill bit from skidding across the surface of the tile.

drill tile masonary bit

A standard masonry drill bit can be used to drill most ceramic tiles with the drill on a low speed, but these are no good for porcelain tiles and will quickly burn out. When drilling the tiles in situation you can tape an envelope beneath the hole to catch any dust.

For drilling Granite worktops, Granite tiles, Porcelain Tiles or any other exceptionally tough material you need diamond coated hole saws. These are probably your only choice for drilling really tough masonry products!

Diamond coated drill bits and hole saws are currently available in sizes from 3mm - 125 mm, the only drawback with them is that you can only use them a few times before they become blunt and need replacing.