Diamond coated drill bits and diamond coated hole saws work on any type of stone and will easily cut holes in Marble, Porcelain and Glass.



diamond coated hole saw

This diamond coated hole saw is the ideal choice for drilling through tough stone. You will notice that there is no arbour with these hole saws, this offers some advantages as the holes can be overlapped if required. If possible tiles are best cut before they are fixed and a stand drill is preferred and will make light work of cutting holes in any tile, it is important that water is used to cool the cutting bit.

diamond grit hole saw

Diamond Grit hole saws need water to keep them cool during use, this will ensure that you get the maximum amount of life from your cutter. It is possible and quite easy to start the hole saw on a tile by rotating the drill bit whilst holding the drill on an angle, like in this picture. Once the diamond cutter has started to cut into the tile you can straighten it up and drill the perfect hole.

make guide

To make this as easy as possible I have decided to make a template that will help with getting the cutter started. I have cut a small piece or Acrylic and I have fixed it in the drill vice and then cut a hole using the diamond coated drill bit.

You can use a piece of wood, but you will need a hole saw to cut the hole rather than using the diamond coated drill bit.

tile drill guide

Here I placed the acrylic on the tile and filled the hole with water.

This can be clamped to the tile to prevent it from slipping.

cut hole in tile

The clamps will hold the guide in position and help to contain some of the water.

Drill slowly ensuring that the cutter is kept wet.

cut hole in tile

Two holes were drilled through this tile very quickly