Flat bed tile cutters are the fastest way to cut ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Most DIY versions are limited to what they can do, cutting textured tiles (not smooth) is not possible on most DIY models. Cutting a tile diagonally from corner to corner is also not possible with most DIY versions.


tile cuts

Cutting tiles like this is almost impossible with most DIY tile cutters.

Making cuts like this is best done with a wet tile saw.

professional tile cutter

Professional Flat bed tile cutters such as a RUBI tile cutter will cut almost any ceramic or porcelain tile depending on which model you choose.

tile cutter

A flatbed tile cutter has a wheel rather like a glass cutter that scores the tile when it is pushed or pulled along the surface of the tile. Pressure is then applied via the handle, which snaps the tile cleanly along the score line.

tile cuting

Models vary and on some you pull the handle towards you and on others you push the handle away whilst pushing down to score the tile. A further solid push on the handle will snap the tile, this often creates a sharp edge and so it is best to smooth it with a tile file.

tile cutter in use

On this particular model you push the handle away in order to score the tile and then push down at the end, cleanly cutting the tile. Apply constant pressure to the handle to achieve a neat cut.

tile cutter in use

Here the tile has been cut cleanly and can be fixed once the rough edge has been filed.

You can see a video of the tile cutter in use here-How to cut tiles with a standard tile cutter video