Chrome pipe can be joined using compression fittings, solder fittings or push fit fittings but for all but the compression fitting the chrome plating needs removing first. The stainless steel grip rings in the push fit fittings cannot grip the chrome plating as it is too hard, likewise solder will not stick to chrome.

Probably the best and easiest way to join chrome pipe is with compression fittings. These are easy to use and require the least preparation and also can be purchased with a chrome plate finish, so that they match the pipe. These have the advantage that they can be used where people will be able to view the joints and are very useful if a joist is hindering the path of the pipe. How to use compression fittings


chrome pipe radiator

Here you can see that a joist has prevented the radiator tail from being piped up directly through the floor and so two 90 degree chrome plated compression bends have been used.

chrome pipe push fit joint

Often chrome plated pipe is only used for the last few inches on a run of a pipe as it is more difficult to use than copper or plastic pipe and is much more expensive. Therefore it is often necessary to connect a piece of chrome plated pipe to either copper or plastic pipe, this will often be concealed so that only the chrome pipe is visible. Push fit connectors can be used on chrome pipe as long as the chrome plating is removed first. Please see below for instructions on how to remove the chrome plating.

remove chrome plating

Let's not kid ourselves here. Removing the chrome plating from chrome plated pipe is not easy and will require patience and hard work. Use a piece of emery cloth or wet and dry paper to remove the chrome plating, this is not at all easy! You can also use a file to remove the chrome plating but be careful not to file a flat on the side of the pipe

clean with wire wool

You need to remove enough of the chrome plating so that there is a minimum 2mm gap between the chrome plating and the joint. Solder will not stick to chrome and so it is essential that it is all removed. Ensure the end of the pipe is clean by cleaning it with wire wool.

chrome plate removed

Here you can see that the chrome plating has been completely removed from the end of the pipe. This can now be used in a push fit fitting or can be soldered using either end feed of solder ring fittings or can be used with push fit fittings-

How to use push fit fittings

How to use end feed fittings

How to use solder ring fittings