Here we are going to join two copper pipes using Solder ring fittings. These fittings have a ring of solder built into the fitting which melts at temperature and joins the pipe to the fitting. The pipes should be cut as shown here, you will also need some flux and a heat gun/Blowtorch. Please note that plastic pipes cannot be joined this way! Solder ring fittings are more expensive than end feed fittings so if you are working on a large project you might want to use end feed fittings.

For a list of available solder ring fittings please see here- Solder ring fittings



To solder the joints a blowtorch or a heat gun will be needed


Flux will also be needed as well as some wire wool or preferably a Scotchbrite pad for cleaning the copper pipe

copper pipe

Here you can see the solder ring elbow fitting and the two pipes which are to be connected.

steel wool

Using some wire wool, clean the two ends of the pipe that are to be inserted into the elbow fitting. If you have one available a Scotch-brite pad is preferred for cleaning the pipe as it does not leave any metallic residue behind

clean copper pipe

The pipes should be clean and shiny like this.

Apply flux

Now apply some flux paste to the two pipe ends with a brush or clean rag, this will assist in ensuring that the copper pipe is clean to make a sound join.

pipes in elbow

Insert the two pipes into the fitting ensuring that they are pushed all the way in. You can wipe away any excess flux from the pipes using a rag!

heat solder fitting

Apply heat to the fitting. Point the flame from the heat gun to the solder ring as this is where the heat is needed

heat fitting

Ensure you apply heat to the fitting in a few different places to ensure that the solder has melted around both pipes

soldered ring fitting

The finished fitting will look like this, check to make sure that the solder has melted and left a ring of solder around both pipes.

Ensure the pipe is flushed thoroughly by allowing water to run through the pipe for at least 5 minutes before any water is used for washing or drinking!