End feed solder fittings are considerably harder to use than solder ring fittings and so for ease of use I would recommend solder ring fittings for any DIY task.

Here we are going to join two copper pipes using end feed fittings. These fittings are simply a piece of copper tube that is larger than the diameter of the pipe to be joined and require a coil of solder to make a good joint. The pipes should be cut and de-burred before use, you will also need some flux and a heat gun/Blowtorch and some solder. Please note that plastic pipes cannot be joined this way!

Soldering using solder ring fittings is much easier and can be seen here - How to use solder ring fittings alternatively you might want to use compression fittings - using compression fittings

Blowtorches and heat guns can be dangerous and can easily start fires, you must ensure that there is nothing close by that can catch fire. A fire resistant mat should be used in areas where the heat from the gun can cause scorching damage to the surrounding area. After using a heat gun, keep checking the area and do not leave the premises until you are certain that there is no chance of a fire breaking out. It is a good idea to have a fire extinguisher nearby as a precaution.


solder reel

You will need a reel of lead free solder for end feed fittings. Solder containing lead should never be used on water pipes containing potable water


A blow torch will be required to melt the solder


Flux will be required, this chemically cleans the surfaces and makes the solder stick to them

pipes for joining

Here you can see the end feed straight fitting and the two pipes which are to be connected.

clean copper pipe

Using some wire wool, clean the two ends of the pipe that are to be inserted into the elbow fitting. If possible use a Scotchbrite pad to clean the copper as it cleans without leaving any metal residue behind

clean inside of end feed

Clean the inside of the fitting with wire wool, to ensure a good joint is made.

clean copper pipe

The two pipes must be shiny and clean like this picture, this will ensure that the solder will bond to the copper.

apply flux

Now apply some flux paste to the two pipe ends with a brush or clean rag, this will assist in ensuring that the copper pipe is clean to make a sound join. Do not use your finger to apply flux as it is acidic.

end feed prepared

Insert the two pipes into the fitting ensuring that they are pushed all the way in. You can wipe away any excess flux from the pipes using a rag!

apply heat to end feed

Apply heat to the fitting. Point the flame from the heat gun to the fitting as this is where the heat is needed.

solder end feed

Remove the heat gun and touch the joint between the pipe and the joint, the solder should run around the joint and be sucked into the joint by capillary action. Ensure that the solder is applied in a few different areas. Repeat the process for the other side of the joint, then check that the solder has completely covered both ends of the joint.

Ensure the pipe is flushed thoroughly by allowing water to run through the pipe for at least 5 minutes before any water is used for washing or drinking!