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wallpaper socket

Cut away the excess paper and then undo the socket and feed it through the hole that you have just made. Brush the paper to the wall and then re fix the socket.

wallpaper around socket

This socket is on the join and so will be a little easier.

wallpaper around sockets

The sockets should look like this once they have been replaced.

wallpaper at ceiling

At the top you can now fold the paper back on itself to give you a paste line, you can clearly see this line and cut it using a sharp pair of scissors. Then brush the paper back to the wall and if necessary brush on a little more paste.

wallpaper cutting

Fold and trim the bottom of the paper and then brush this back against the wall, applying more paste if necessary.

wallpaper on wall

This is the first piece in place and trimmed.

measure wallpaper

You can now match up the pattern and measure the next piece.

hang wallpaper

Match the next piece to the previous piece ensuring that the pattern is correctly aligned and that all air bubbles are brushed out.

wallpapered wall

This is the completed wall with the shelves, wall lights, Television and radiator replaced