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soaking wallpaper

Once folded you can leave the paste to soak in for the wall papers recommended time.

wipe down paste table

If any paste has got onto the paste table, now is a good time to wipe it down.


Position the first sheet, allowing a little extra at the top to be trimmed off. Note how the paper is folded up! Align this first sheet of paper with the pencil mark on the wall, ensuring that it is straight.

wallpapering brush

Use a papering brush and brush out from the centre of the paper to each side, so that all air is expelled and that there are no bubbles.

hang wallpaper

The first piece should look something like this.

wallpaper socket

Now we have our first obstacle.

wallpaper around a socket

Ensure that the electricity is switched off when working near sockets or light switches. Feel for the outline of the socket and push the scissors through the centre.

cut wall paper

Brush the paper over the sockets and then carefully make a series of four cuts from the centre to 5mm from the outside of the socket. The hole should be slightly smaller than the socket itself.