Sink waste pipe or bath waste pipe can easily be joined using push fit connectors, these connectors are made of plastic and incorporate a tight fitting "O" ring that creates a water tight seal. Whilst push fit waste pipes are the easiest of all to join and will probably last for tens of years you may want to consider solvent weld pipe instead. Joining a push fit pipe to a solvent weld pipe catches quite a lot of people out as they are considerably different in size but a successful joint can be obtained by using a waste pipe compression fitting

Below we will be joining a piece of pipe using a straight push fit fitting. These are available in either 32mm or 40mm for standard waste pipe, these will not work on solvent weld pipe. In the UK it is common for Basins to be plumbed in using 32mm waste pipe and baths and kitchen sinks to be plumbed in using 40mm waste pipe.


cut waste pipe

This is 32mm waste pipe for a basin. A straight cut is desirable as it makes it easier to ensure a good joint, so it's best if it is cut in a mitre block or cut using a pair of PVC pipe cutters. Once the pipe is cut remove any burrs using a half round file or a de-burring tool

push fit waste connector

This is the push fit joint, you can see that it contains sealing "O" rings that create a water tight seal against the sides of the inserted pipe.

push fit waste joint

When you are certain that all burrs have been removed you can smear the pipe with some silicone grease or spray it with silicone as this will help the pipe to push past the "O" ring. Push the pipe into place ensuring that the cut end goes all the way in the fitting to the pipe stop.

push fit waste straight connector

Now smear some silicone grease or silicone spray onto the other cut pipe and insert it until it hits the pipe stop. Your push fit joint has now been made successfully

It's important to ensure that any waste pipe is sufficiently supported to prevent it from sagging, this can be achieved by using waste pipe clips at regular intervals.

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