Solvent weld pipe is now very common, it is used in industry as well as in domestic waste water plumbing. Solvent weld waste pipe is relatively easy to join and the joint should last an extremely long time, in most domestic properties in the UK the waste pipe size is normally either 32mm or 40 mm. Solvent weld joints can only be used on solvent weld pipe, so it is important that you buy the correct pipe and fittings, a PVC cement will also be required to make the joint and in some cases a cleaning solution will be required. If you need to connect solvent weld waste pipe to push fit waste pipe please see here- compression waste fitting if you need to join push fit pipe please see here- Push fit waste pipe

industrial solvent weld pipe

This is industrial PVC pipe that is going to be welded using solvent weld cement. With this particular PVC cement you have to clean the pipe first with the special solvent before applying the PVC cement.

industrial solvent weld pipe

Here we will be joining a piece of 32mm solvent weld pipe using a straight solvent weld connector. To start with we need a straight cut, which can be achieved using a mitre block, or a PVC pipe cutter.

de-burr plastic pipe

To give the best chance of making a good joint it is a good idea to remove the burrs from the cut end of the pipe, which we are doing using a half round file.

solvent weld

Here we have the solvent weld pipe, a straight connector and some PVC cement. You will notice that the ends of the pipe are clean and burr free.

apply solvent weld

You need to check with your particular brand of PVC cement to see if it recommends cleaning the pipe first with a dedicated cleaner, if it does you should clean the pipes. Once clean you can apply the PVC cement using the brush that is fixed to the inside of the lid. Apply an even coat of PVC cement ensuring you do not miss any of the pipe where the pipe will enter the join.

wipe off solvent

Push the solvent weld pipe all the way into the fitting,ensuring that it is pushed all the way up to the pipe stop. Twist the pipe when inserting it into the fitting as this helps to spread the PVC cement. Wipe off any excess PVC cement from the pipe using a suitable cloth.

solvent weld joint

Repeat the process for the other piece of pipe and leave the pipe to set for the amount of time specified on your PVC cement (normally a few minutes)

Waste pipe should always be supported especially on horizontal runs to prevent the pipe from sagging, this is easily achieved using pipe clips spaced at suitable intervals