Removing old tiles can be a dangerous job. Broken tiles are extremely sharp and tiles can splinter when removing them so it is advisable to wear some goggles and Good quality gloves. If you are using a power drill to remove the tiles then a Dust mask will also be required.

Removing old tiles is normally very straight forwards and easy to do. Simply obtain a large chisel and hammer and a pair of gloves and safety spectacles and remove the tiles by knocking the chisel behind the tiles with the hammer and then simply lever the tiles from the wall or floor.

tile removal

Here I am using my extra heavy duty screwdriver, which incorporates a striking plate on the handle, this is designed to be hit with a hammer and is easier to use than a chisel.

removing tiles

Knock the chisel or Heavy duty screwdriver behind the tile and Pull the chisel or screwdriver towards yourself to lever the tile from the wall.


Removing floor tiles

For really stubborn tiles or for removing floor tiles an SDS drill with roto- stop and a flat chisel is preferred but you will need some safety gloves, goggles and dust mask-


sds tile removal

This SDS machine makes light work of removing the stubborn floor tiles

removing floor tilesl

M3 Fitter from ascot tiling gets to work

floor tiles removed

Most of the tiles are removed

floor tiles removal

The adhesive is then chiselled from the floor substrate