Razor wire is far more effective than barbed wire and has been the protective wire of choice for the Military for decades. Most high security perimeters are protected by razor wire. Prisons and high security mental hospitals often use it as it is very effective.

Razor wire

Here razor wire is hung on brackets which protect the top of this vulnerable wall. Note how the brackets all hang on the inside of the property.

Only an Idiot would try and pass through Razor wire as it is so sharp that it will easily cause serious injury to anyone that tries!

Before installing Razor wire you must get advice from the Police, your insurance company and the local council as if you install it incorrectly and someone is injured you could be sued!

straight razor wire

As well as coiled razor wire you can also find it installed in straight rows, this razor wire fence is protecting a large DIY store.

One problem with razor wire is that rubbish that is moved around by the wind is often caught up in the wire making it look scruffy.

Installation of Razor wire requires good personal protective equipment, Heavy duty cut resistant gloves, a face visor and Cut resistant jacket are recommended.

Razor wire is now seen more and more on a daily basis as many commercial and residential properties are using it as a deterrent!