Replacing the lock on a van vault is simple and can be carried out in minutes as long as the van vault is in the unlocked position. You can buy replacement van vault locks or a standard disc padlock will fit as long as you measure the existing one and buy the correct sized replacement.


van vault

Van vaults can often be picked up cheaply at auction, but sadly the keys are often missing.

Here we are going to replace the lock on a van vault, please note this is only possible if the van vault is in the unlocked position.


van vault lock cover

Lift up the lid on the van vault and on the inside front edge you will see a lock cover that is held in place by two nylon locking nuts, remove the two nuts and the lock cover can then be removed which exposes the disc padlock.

van vault studs

Once the cover and lock are removed you are left with the hole for the padlock and the two threaded studs.

van vault locks

Here is the lock cover and two disc padlocks.

The padlock on the left is the original van vault disc padlock and the one on the right is a standard disc padlock, which is exactly the same as the van vault padlock one but much cheaper.

Place the new padlock in position and reposition the van vault lock cover and then retighten the two nuts.

van vault key in lock

You can then insert the key from the front and check the lock is working correctly.