Alarm mines are excellent at scaring away  intruders, they are also good at notifying everyone in the vicinity that something is not right.

Most people these days tend to ignore Burglar alarms as they often sound for no apparent reason, but not many people will ignore a gun shot. Alarm mines fire a blank 12 gauge shot gun cartridge when the trip wire is caught, this releases the sear on the alarm mine, which fires the shot gun cartridge.


Alarm mine

This is the alarm mine kit made by Henry Crank and Sons, you can see the alarm mine unit and the sear and trip wire

Alarm mine with cartridge

The alarm mine above is pictured with a 12 bore cartridge as the gun shop had no blanks!!!! The shot has been removed from the cartridge and is perfectly safe!

Please ensure that you only use a black "blank" cartridge in your alarm mine

Alarm mine diagram

This diagram shows how the alarm mine works

  • Attach Alarm Mine in vertical position to a convenient tree, fence post, door frame etc. The cocking piece should be positioned upwards.
  • Pull the cocking piece to the limit and insert the safety pin through the hole.
  • Pull the cocking piece again until the sear engagement slot is visible and insert the sear.
  • Attach the loose end of the trip wire to a firm object so the wire is stretched across the path that an intruder might take.
  • Place the 12 Bore Blank into the slot at the end of the alarm mine.
  • Gently pull the string attached to the safety pin to remove it from the Alarm mine.
  • The alarm is now armed and the slightest pressure on the trip wire will release the striker and fire the blank!



  • Please treat the alarm mine with respect and care and never deviate from the operating instructions. Failure to follow these instructions could result in injury.
  • The alarm mine is only intended to alert the property owner of a trespasser and has not been designed to inflict injury of any kind.
  • Never under any circumstances put anything other than a 12g Black powder Blank into the alarm mine.
  • The 12g Black powder Blank will discharge a small amount of black powder and will also make a very loud BANG.
  • Only mount the alarm mine on your own property and never mount the device indoors.
  • Never mount the alarm mine where children are likely to be.
  • Never mount the product near to any flammable substances, this could result in a fire risk.
  • Always mount the alarm wire as close as possible to the ground but not so low that a trespasser could walk over the trip wire.
  • Make sure that the trip wire is high enough not to be triggered by household pets, wild animals or stray animals.
  • Ensure that no other persons have Lawful access to the alarmed area, ie; Postman, Milkman, Gas/Electricity inspectors, Neighbours who share access, persons making deliveries and any other callers to your property.
  • Always wear eye protection and hearing protection when alarming/disarming the alarm mine.
  • Only to be fitted by persons over 18 years of age
  • The manufacturers do not accept any responsibility for injury or damaged however caused.