The Bosch PMF 180 E is based on the Fein multimaster but is almost half the price. For DIY use this is a great piece of kit and when you get one you will wonder how you ever lived without it. For cutting in confined spaces or for sanding the Bosch PMF 180 E is the perfect solution. I am really impressed with this machine as it is extremely versatile. This is known as the Swiss army knife of power tools as it is so versatile.

The Bosch PMF 180 E weighs in at just 1.2KG and is very easy to use and control

Bosch PMF 180 E boxed

The Bosch PMF 180 E comes in a carrying case, which is a good start as many tools do not come with a carrying case and so you have to buy them additionally. You also get two Blades, an allen key to change blades and a delta sanding pad and various grades of sanding paper. The blades are also interchangeable with the Fein multimaster.

Bosch PMF 180 E blade change

Changing the blade on the Bosch PMF 180 E is relatively easy, unplug the machine so that it is not accidentally switched on and then unscrew the socket head bolt, using the Allen key wrench provided. The blades have mounting lugs, once these are engaged toy can fasten the blade to the machine by tightening the socket head bolt.

Bosch PMF 180 E variable speed selector

The Bosch PMF 180 E has a variable control switch to control the oscillations between 15,000 and 20,000 per minute. A vacuum cleaner can also be attached to the machine to remove dust when cutting or sanding.

Bosch PMF 180 E switch

The ON/OFF switch is located on the top of the machine and can easily be flicked on or off with a thumb.

Bosch PMF 180 E cutting laminate

The Bosch PMF 180 E can be used in places where it would be impossible to reach with any other kind of saw. Here it is being used to trim off laminate flooring that has been fitted in cold weather.

Now that the laminate has warmed up it has expanded and requires trimming as it is too close to the central heating pipe. Just out of view of the picture is the radiator above.

This saw cut the piece of laminate with ease.

Bosch PMF 180 E cutting skirting board

How do you make a cut out on a piece of skirting board that is fixed to the wall?

Easy, you use The Bosch PMF 180 E with a HCS plunge cut saw blade.

This skirting needed cutting so that the unit (just to right of picture) could be fitted flush against the wall. Using this tool made it an absolute breeze!

Bosch PMF 180 E under cutting door frame

When fitting laminate flooring you can easily use this tool to cut the bottom from the architrave.

Bosch PMF 180 E blade

You can also fix the blade at different angles so that you can get into some really awkward places with it.

Bosch PMF 180 E blade in box

The Bosch PMF 180 E is an essential tool for any serious Diy enthusiast and really is a useful machine. It's difficult to pick a fault with it apart from the design of the case. If you use the plunge cut saw blade you cannot put the machine into the case without first removing the blade, this is just me being picky!

The machine is a great addition to any tool box and is very keenly priced compared to the Fein multimaster.