A reciprocating saw is one of the most useful saws that you can own, they are one of the most versatile saws available and can cut almost anything. In the USA these saws are often called demolition saws because you can use them on almost any material and will cut in places where other saws simply cannot reach. The Dewalt DW938- 18v cordless reciprocating saw is one of the best examples of a reciprocating saw that you will find anywhere.

Dewalt DW938

Reciprocating saws will cut just about anything and can be used in almost any position. Once you have used a reciprocating saw you will wonder how you used to cope without one. The Dewalt DW938 is a perfect example of a quality reciprocating saw, that can tackle just about anything.


  • 1" stroke length and 2,900 spm for fast cutting
  • Keyless blade clamp allows quick blade change without touching blade or reciprocating shaft
  • Electric brake minimizes risk of blade breakage when exiting plunge cuts
  • Compact and lightweight; 7.1 lbs.
  • Pivoting shoe with open top for maximum visibility
  • Blade can be reversed for flush and plunge cutting
  • Variable speed with trigger lock for increased blade control


Dewalt DW938 trigger lock

The Dewalt DW 938 has, like most of the other saws in the 18 volt cordless range a locking feature so that you can lock the trigger when not in use. This can help prevent accidental switching on of the machine.

Dewalt DW938 blade

You will not find any machine that has a blade this easy to change anywhere.

First remove the battery.

Dewalt DW938 blade change

Then lift up the yellow lever. Now remove the blade by pulling it straight out.

Dewalt DW938 blade changed

Insert the new blade and then push the lever back down and that is it.

You can insert the blade upside down when needed, for cutting items in confined spaces.

You can see the machine in use here-

Dewalt 18v reciprocating saw review video