The Dewalt DW936-18 volt circular saw is yet another popular cordless tool from the Dewalt 18v range. This saw has an impressive range of features for a cordless saw and is suitable for joinery work and a whole host of other tasks. The 18v version is much lighter than the 24v version which can be a bit heavy and awkward to use.

Dewalt DW936

The Dewalt 936 18v circular saw is one of the most convenient tools you will ever use. This machine can easily cut thick materials such as kitchen worktops with ease!

Dewalt DW936 blade lock

The Dw936 has some great features for a cordless circular saw. There is a trigger lock to help prevent accidentally switching the machine on, this need pressing with your thumb whilst squeezing the trigger. There is a button to lock the blade for when the blade needs changing. To change the blade remove the battery then press the Blade lock button and then unscrew the retaining screw with the Allen key supplied.

Dewalt DW936 blades

There are several blades available for the Dewalt DW936.

Here we have one for cutting Aluminium, one for vinyl and plastics and a fast wood cutting blade.

Dewalt DW936 bevel

The Allen key that is needed to change the blade has it's own storage position on the saw, which means it is always easy to find. The bevel adjustment screw means that the blade of the machine can be tilted up to 50 degrees.

Dewalt DW936 depth adjustment

On the side of the machine is a depth adjustment screw. Once this screw is undone you can adjust the depth of cut of the saw. Because the blades are so thin on this machine it is the perfect saw for cutting floorboards in renovation projects.

Dewalt DW936 fence

The Dewalt DW 936 also comes with a rip fence, which makes long straight cuts a pleasure.

This is probably one of the best circular saws on the market, it is not the cheapest of saws, but it has all the features of any corded version. These can often be picked up "bare" which means that there is no battery or charger with it, but all Dewalt 18 volt batteries are interchangeable and so if you have one charger and one battery you can power several Dewalt 18 volt tools individually. The saw is very light and compact and can be taken anywhere. The motor brushes are also replaceable for long motor life. You can also cut 2 inch thick timber in a single pass with this machine. You can see the machine in action here

Dewalt 18v Cordless circular saw video