The Dewalt DW933- 18 volt cordless jigsaw is one of the best jigsaws on the market today. This machine is a pleasure to use and makes cutting most materials very easy indeed. The blade changing mechanism is the best Idea I have ever seen on a jigsaw, the jaws are capable of holding both universal and T shank blades. The portability of this machine and the fact that it will last a considerable amount of time from a single charge make it a pleasure to use. For a cordless machine it has everything, orbital action, easy blade change, no cord to cut through, a dust blowing option and it can even be used to cut angles.

Dewalt DW933

Dewalt DW933- 18 volt cordless jigsaw

Dewalt DW933 cutting laminate

The Dewalt Dw933 - 18 volt cordless drill is a truly awesome piece of kit. Owning a machine like this makes doing any Diy or home improvement task a pleasure.

Here the Jigsaw is being used to cut laminate flooring planks, this machine excels at this and the battery will last a few hours when doing tasks like this.

Dewalt DW933 side view

This machine, although cordless has every feature that a corded machine would have.

Orbital action means that it can saw it's way through even the toughest pieces of timber.

On the opposite side of the machine to this switch is the dust blower switch.

Dewalt DW933 change blade

Changing the blade on this machine is simple- remove the battery and then lift the blade release mechanism and turn it anti-clockwise a few turns and the blade will drop out.

Insert the new blade and then tighten the blade release mechanism clockwise and the magnesium jaws grab the blade.

This is a truly brilliant blade changing mechanism.

Dewalt DW933 blade

The blade is guided by a metal roller, which ensures that the blade does not wander. Tool free adjustable shoe slides forward, backward and bevels 45ยบ in both directions

As for reliability I have owned my machine for over 9 years and it has always performed well, with zero reliability issues!