The Dewalt DC 410- 18 volt cut off tool is another gem to come out of the Dewalt factory, I only have one criticism of this tool and that is the size of the carrying case, for some reason it is almost twice the depth of the other dewalt carrying cases. These machines are incredibly handy and the best thing about them is that you can use them anywhere and you do not need to be concerned about cutting through the power cord.

Dewalt DC 410

The Dewalt DC 410


  • 6,500 rpm provides high power for cutting and grinding applications
  • Convenient trigger switch with lock-off button for easier gripping
  • 3 Position side handle offers greater comfort and control
  • Spindle lock allows users to change their wheels quick and easy
  • Metal gear case dissipates heat for longer bearing, gear and motor life
Dewalt DC 410 trigger lock

The trigger on this machine has a lock of button for safety. One of the good things about these machines is that they spin at a much slower rate than a conventional angle grinder and so there is less dust during use.

Dewalt DC 410 guard

The guard can be adjusted and moved to any position by undoing the lever like in this picture. This is a much better idea than the ones that you need to adjust with a screwdriver.

There are also three holes where the side handle can be positioned.

Dewalt DC 410 spindle lock

On the back of the machine is a small silver coloured button, this is the spindle lock button. To change the blade you need to remove the battery then press this button whilst undoing the Locking nut with the wrench provided.

Dewalt DC 410 wrench

Once you press in and hold the spindle lock button you can undo the locking nut with the special wrench. You can then change the cutting disk. Ensure that you re-tighten the locking nut sufficiently.

One of the biggest dangers of using any power tool is cutting through the power cord as this can be potentially fatal. Cordless tools like this mean that there is no chance of this happening. There are times when you need that little extra power and on big jobs a corded version is probably the best option, but for small one off jobs this machine is perfect. You can see the machine in action here-

Dewalt 18v grinder review video