There are several different types of shower waste trap, it is important to buy the correct one for the shower tray that you are using. As well as different diameter traps there are also different depth traps for different types of shower tray.


Shower waste installation

This is the Shower waste trap that is to be installed into this Ella shower tray.

Ensure you buy a quality shower waste trap as there are some inferior products on the market that can result in a sub standard job, here we are using a quality "McAlpine" shower waste trap.

peel back masking

Start by removing the masking from the Shower waste area, you can carefully peel this away using your fingers. Keeping the rest of the masking on the shower tray is a good idea as it will help to prevent it from being damaged during installation.

seal shower waste

The manufacturers of the shower tray recommend using a good quality sealant for sealing between the Shower waste trap and the shower tray, you must ensure you use a sealant that is suitable for this job such as plumbers gold.

apply sealant

Now apply a small bead of sealant to the Shower waste top nut flange as this will guarantee a waterproof seal.

seal shower waste

Insert the Shower waste and hold the trap underneath.

tighten Shower waste

Tighten the Shower waste in a clockwise direction until it is as tight as you can get it using your fingers.

wipe off excess sealant

Wipe off any excess sealant from the Shower waste using a wet wipe or similar.

Shower waste insert

Now just place the insert into the shower waste and you have completed the Shower waste trap installation