Painting tiles can be a quick and easy way of covering old and dated tiles. To paint over tiles you can buy a dedicated tile paint or you can use this method below. Painting over tiles this way is only suitable for ceramic tiles and will not be suitable for some natural stone tiles.


old tiles

Here we have a wall with some outdated tiles.

painted tiles

These are the same tiles with a couple of coats of paint

methylated spirits

Before the tiles can be painted they need cleaning. This can be done using hot soapy water and a clean rag, if the water becomes dirty it will need replacing with fresh soap and water. If the tiles or grout are mouldy they will need treating with an appropriate fungicide such as Blackfriar Anti-mould solution. The tiles need to be 100% dry before painting or the paint will not adhere to the tiles, so it's best to wash the tiles down the day before you intend painting them if possible. The tiles now need cleaning some more using methylated spirits and a clean cloth, if the cloth becomes dirty you can turn it round and use the other side.

Zinsser 123+

Zinsser 123+

Zinsser perma white

Zinsser perma-white

paint over tiles

When you are sure that the tiles are clean you can proceed to paint them. Here we are using Zinsser 123+ as a primer. Ensure all the tiles are covered, a gloss roller is ideal for painting tiles as it is quick and leaves a good finish. You may need to cut in at some point using a brush. Apply one coat of the Zinsser 123+ and then leave the tiles for at least 1 hour to dry.

tile painting

Once the Zinsser 123+ is dry you can then apply a coat of Zinsser Perma-white, which is available in interior, Eggshell, satin or semi gloss. If the tiles are outside then Zinsser Perma-white exterior paint is recommended. Allow the paint to dry for at least two hours before applying another coat of Zinsser Perma-white.