Welding Aluminium has never really been a task that the DIY metalworker can do without expensive welding equipment, such as a Mig or Tig welder, until now!

Durafix have brought out the "Easyweld", which is a kit designed especially for welding Zinc, soldering, or brazing aluminium, without the need for specialist equipment or training. The kit is very easy to use and carries a 100% money back Guarantee!

The Easyweld kit comprises of a stainless steel brush and the Easyweld rods, there is no flux or specialist equipment required, although you will need a decent blowtorch! Easyweld can be used on all aluminium and aluminium alloys, including galvanised aluminium, zinc based metals, pot metals and repair of kirksite dies.

The rods will work on galvanised steel, copper, brass and nickel. Zamac, Tin or Pewter have a very low melting temperature which is less than the application temperature of the rod, so it will not be possible to work with these metals. The rods do NOT work on stainless steel or magnesium.

Do Not use Easyweld on:

Do not use Easyweld on Magnesium. {To test for Magnesium shave a small piece of metal and apply the flame. If it burns white, then it is Magnesium}. Do not use on Pewter or tin as they will melt before the working temperature is reached.

The rods will not work on Stainless Steel or any other type Steel (except galvanised)

Unlike conventional aluminium brazing techniques, brazing with Easyweld is very simple. There is only one rod type, which works on all grades and alloys of aluminium.

I have recently tested these rods on various pieces of aluminium and copper, Further tests will be carried out when time permits. The rods work really well for some applications and are very easy to use, but practice is required to achieve the best results.

Projects for the rods have been listed below and each time I find a new use for them I will post a new link to the new project.