Rusty railings

How to renovate rusty railings

Here we are going to remove and renovate these extremely rusty railings.

This is the before picture.

renovated railings

This is the after picture.

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Removing rust from stone

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rust on railings

Here you can see just how bad the rust is on the railings.

Firstly we have removed the railings and have moved them into the garage as it is almost impossible to renovate them in position.

remove rust

To remove the rust from these railings is going to take lots of time and patience. Safety equipment is a must for jobs like this as there will be metal flakes flying all over the place during rust removal.

The rust needs to be removed and most of the paint down to the bare metal. If the rust is not fully removed it may eventually resurface at a later date.

Here we used a small 4 1/2 inch angle grinder and a variety of different attachments. A wire cup brush was used as well and a flexible sanding disk and abrasive paper to remove the rust. This was not easy and took a day or two.

treat rust

This is part of the railings with most of the paint and rust removed. The railings have now been treated with owatrol oil which will prevent the rust from reoccurring.

ready for painting

Here the majority of rust has been removed. There is no need to remove any paint that is not flaking.

The bare metal has now been painted with owatrol oil to seal the metal and give a good surface to paint onto.

This is the railings that are now almost ready for painting.

paint railings

Apply two coats of suitable paint to the railings and then refit them. Here we used two coats of Hammerite metal paint. Hopefully these will last for a long time before they need painting again.