Moss removal can be difficult especially if it is not at ground level, If you need to remove moss from a roof you may be better off using a specialist contractor as working at heights can be dangerous! Removing moss at ground level is not difficult but it can be time consuming. This project shows how to remove moss from areas such as walls and paths and does not cover how to remove moss from a garden, although  you can buy a dedicated product for this purpose.

moss on wall

Moss can often be unsightly and never looks good. To remove moss like this from a wall we are going to use a pressure washer and then treat the wall with some moss killer which should prevent the moss from reappearing. Apparently there are a couple of hundred different types of moss, many of the chemicals that you can get to kill moss also kill algae, moss, lichen and wood rotting fungi

moss removal

We are going to blast the moss from the wall using a pressure washer, these can be hired from most hire shops or can be purchased very reasonably. When using a pressure washer you will need some safety glasses or goggles and some water proof gloves. When blasting the moss from the wall or the floor do not point the nozzle directly at the wall as shown in this picture, if you do the water will bounce right back at you and will soak you through!

Care must also be taken with pressure washers as they can create massive amounts of force and can cut through solid objects, for this reason it is essential that you do not get a very high pressure model.

moss removal power washer

Proceed to blast the moss from the surface using the pressure washer, ensuring that you blast from the side so that you do not get blasted with the water. This can be a time consuming job but it is well worth the effort!

power washer jet

You can see from this picture that the pressure washer does a really good job of removing the moss. Ensure that you get every last bit of the moss from the surface.

moss remover

Once the surface has been pressure washed it is best if you can leave the surface to dry out for a day or so. Once the surface is dry you can get a garden sprayer and some moss killer onto the wall. There are several different types of moss killer available many of which are safe for use near children and pets. This wall was sprayed and then left to dry for 24 hours before it was painted with external masonry paint.