Laminate flooring tools are normally very inexpensive and can make fitting laminate flooring much easier. We have discussed saws for cutting laminate in the cutting laminate section.

Pull Bar

pull bar

A pull bar is required for certain makes of laminate flooring, it should only be used on the edge of the laminate, that is to be covered by the beading!

Do not try and knock boards home using this unless you are using it between the wall and the laminate as they chip the laminate easily.

home made pull bar

This is pull bar that a friend made for me, it is made from two pieces of angle iron and a piece of flat steel. The ones that you buy in the shops are only made from thin steel which is bent to shape and when you hit them hard they tend to loose their shape.

pull bar in use

Here is where a pull bar would be used, it is inserted into the gap between the wall / skirting board and the laminate. The other end is then struck with a mallet, this knocks the board so that it locks into the other board.

Not all laminates require knocking into place, some of the newer click type ones, require that you lift the board to 30 degrees and insert it and then push it flat. Some are easy and others are slightly more difficult.

Tapping block

tapping block

Tapping blocks are required for some types of laminate, but they are an expensive gimmick in my opinion.

You can easily make a Tapping block from an off cut of board. One side of the board will have a tongue and the other a groove. So if you need to tap the planks on the grooved edge of the board get an off cut and cut a square piece with a tongue on it, insert this into the groove and then tap it with a rubber mallet until it is in position.

Mitre Saw

mitre saw

A mitre saw is an essential piece of kit when it comes time for fitting the beading. If you cut the mitre's correctly using one of these they will look like a professional has done them.

Electric Nail Gun

electric nailer

A nail gun like this can be picked up for less than £30 and will make fitting the beading much easier.

If you have ever tried to nail beading to a skirting board then you will know that it is very difficult to knock them in.

These guns fire headless nails/brads and you can pin a piece of beading into place in a matter of seconds.


laminate spacers

Spacers will be required during the fitting stage to ensure that a equal gap is left around the room, you can buy these, but I normally cut up some old pieces of timber etc. Below I used some 10mm MDF, which I cut on the chop saw.