Cutting laminate flooring is relatively easy, you can use virtually and wood cutting saw on laminate.

When cutting laminate flooring it is essential that you were a dust mask as the dust from laminate flooring has been linked to cancer.


cut laminate chop saw

A chop saw is ideal for repetitive cuts on the short edge of laminate boards. Cutting boards to length with one of these takes less than a second.

The only problem is that it really needs to be outside as it creates lots of dust. Or you can hook the saw up to a dust extraction unit and use the machine inside (a dust mask is still recommended)

cut laminate with circular saw

A circular saw is also good for cutting laminate flooring. These are great for cutting straight cuts and are especially useful for long straight cuts.

If the cuts are square the saw can be used with a fence, this guides the saw in a straight line.

A cordless version like this one makes cutting boards very easy.

A jig saw is especially good for cutting out areas around pipes etc.

cutting laminate flooring

This cordless jigsaw is great for any type of cut and can cope with long straight cuts as well as curved and shaped cuts.

The good thing about laminate is that the ends do not need to be perfect as the beading or skirting board covers them up.