This is a recent project that I completed with a friend. We are fitting 30 square metres of click together laminate in a weekend, this includes moving the furniture, removing the carpets and re-fitting laminate flooring.

This project took me and a friend 15 hours from start to finish, the next time you get a quote from a tradesman you can bear this in mind.That is almost two full days work!

This is a recent project that I completed, for full instructions on how to fit laminate, please visit the laminate flooring centre.

laminate flooring plan

This is a plan of the room, it is a living room and front room in a three bedroom terraced house. The wall separating the two rooms has been partially removed and has been made into an arch way.

There are four doors, two chimney breasts and a window at either end.

install laminate floor

This is one of the rooms, you can see two of the doors in the right of the picture. You may also notice that this wall is not straight and is known as a dog leg.

All of the furniture has been moved into the other half or the room.

prepare to install laminate floor

Here you can see the arch way that separates the two rooms, you can see the laminate in the right of this picture. All furniture has been moved into the other room for now.

You can also see the other door in this room, there is another one directly behind that door, in the other room.

remove carpet and underlay

We cut the carpet and removed it. There is a slight difference between the floor levels as one floor is wood and the other is asphalt. For this reason we are using the thicker type of underlay.

install laminate underlay

Underlay was fitted to the majority of the room and extended into the other room, so that we could run the boards continuously into the next room.

laminate flooring

Here you can see that the laminate extends into the other room.

When we have laid the laminate in this room we will move all the furniture into this room, then remove the carpet, underlay and then laminate this room.

laminate beading

Once the laminate has been fitted in both rooms we fit the beading, this really finishes the room off.

laminate flooring

The finished article.

30 square metres of laminate fitted and beading fitted in 15 hours!