Pipe insulation should be used where ever possible. Covering the heating pipes with insulation means that less heat is wasted and so the radiators will be warmer as heat is not lost under floors etc. Cold water pipes should also be insulated, especially in lofts where there is loft insulation as less heat goes into the loft and so the pipes and tanks etc. are more likely to be effected by the cold weather.

trace heating insulation

Fitting pipe insulation is often just a simple case of sliding the insulation over the pipe and then fixing the insulation in place using some cable ties or tape. Here this insulation is covering the condensate pipe from a modern condensing boiler.

pipe insulation

Pipe insulation comes in many different forms depending on the diameter of the pipe. Insulating pipes can keep the heat in, as with central heating pipes or it can keep the cold out, as with cold water supply pipes in lofts etc.

insulated loft pipes

These pipes are in the loft and are well insulated. This will help to protect them from frost and will prevent them from freezing.