Snap Toggles are similar to spring or gravity toggles but with the added advantage that you can remove the screw without the toggle being lost in the cavity!

These fastenings are very good at distributing the force over a large surface area and so can be used to hold heavy items to plasterboard walls. These can be used on walls ranging from 10mm to 90 mm thick!

Firstly drill the correct size hole as recommended by the manufacturer and align the metal channel with the plastic and insert it through the hole. The metal channel will fall downwards with gravity.

Hold the ends of the straps with your thumb and forefinger and pull towards you until the metal channel sits flush with the wall, slide the plastic cap along the straps until the flange of the cap is flush with the wall..

Move the straps from side to side until they break free from the fixing.

Then simply push the machine screw through the item to be fastened to the wall ( a penny washer may be needed if you are fastening something with a large hole) and screw it into the metal channel.

Watch the video here- Snap toggles video