Redi-drivers or Easi-drivers are a fast, easy way to fasten to plasterboard. There are three different types available.

Heavy Duty Redi-driver

The Heavy duty Redi-driver is suitable for fastening heavy items to plasterboard, as well as cutting a thread into the plasterboard a gravity toggle drops down to spread the weight over a larger surface area.

Metal Redi-driver

The heavy duty Redi-driver and the metal Redi-driver can only be used on hollow walls, they are not suitable for walls that have been dry lined as they hit the brick wall behind the plasterboard and can force an area of plasterboard away from the wall!

The Standard Redi-driver

Mark the spot where you wish to position your redi-driver.

Push the Redi-driver into the plasterboard.

Using a screwdriver turn the Redi-driver clockwise. It will cut a thread into the plasterboard!

Stop once the Redi-driver is flush with the surface of the plasterboard.

The self tapping screw that came with the redi-driver can now be screwed directly into the centre of the Redi-driver.

This is the reverse side of the plasterboard that we have just fastened to. You can see that the point of the Redi-driver sticks out about 30mm.

This makes them unsuitable for fixing to walls that have been plaster boarded with the direct bond method, as it will hit the bricks behind and so will damage the plasterboard.