electrical crimping pliers


Bolts or machine screws are often too long and require cutting to length, here we have two ways of cutting bolts to length.

The first method is a little known method and involves using electrical crimping pliers like these ones, these are very inexpensive to buy and are great for many purposes.

plier cut sizes

Next to the hinge on these Pliers you will see several small holes which are marked M2.5, M 3, M 3.5, M4, M5. These holes are designed to cut bolts to length without damaging the thread!

insert screw

Simply screw your bolt into the correct size hole until you get it far enough in to cut to length. This is a electrical screw that is too long.

cut screw

Then squeeze the handles together and the bolt will be easily cut to the correct length without any damage to the thread!

Hacksaw cutting

To cut a bolt to length with an hack saw is relatively easy but care must be taken not to damage the thread, once you have sawn through a bolt the thread is normally damaged and requires repairing with a thread file or similar. To overcome this simply screw a nut onto the bolt before cutting it to the correct length then remove the nut and as it is being removed it automatically repairs the thread. This makes it possible to remove and replace the nut from the bolt when necessary.

You can watch the video of how to cut a bolt or machine screw here- How to cut a bolt