Here we are going to be hanging a plasma TV on to a wall, where the fireplace used to be. This has the advantage that the wires can be fed down the disused chimney.


plasma tv on wall

This is the finished article, well it's not really finished yet but it is in position and is secure.

There are no visible wires going to the plasma TV or the surround sound speakers. We achieved this by hiding the wires from the DVD player etc. in the disused chimney and the speaker wires are chased into the plaster and then re-plastered over.

plasma TV

This is the plasma TV on it's own dedicated stand. We are going to remove it and use the top section of the stand to fix the plasma TV to the wall. The TV is simply unbolted from the stand, but at least two people are needed to do this.

fire removed

This is the fireplace that is no longer used, the plaster surround has already been removed and a Gas safe registered gas fitter is removing the gas fire and then I will remove the marble surround.

fire place removed

Now the fire has been removed and the gas supply capped, we can see where to position the plasma TV.

check for cables

Before we drill any holes we are going to check that there are no pipes or cables buried in the wall that we are drilling. Now you can position the bracket on the wall and mark the fixing holes and the holes to pass the scart lead and other cables through. Ensure that the plasma bracket is in the correct place and is level using a spirit level.

diamond core drill

If you are lucky and have a disused chimney like this you can use a diamond core drill to cut a hole large enough for the scart leads and cables to pass through. This means that the cables will be completely invisible. If you are not lucky enough to be fixing your plasma TV on a wall that has a chimney you can use D line trunking, which looks very smart.

drill hole

Now drill the fixing holes and use suitable fixings for the type of wall that you are fixing to.

plasma tv bracket

Here you can see that I have fastened the bracket securely to the wall with about ten screws. Plasma TV's are heavy and valuable and the last thing we want is for it to drop off the wall.

The leads to plug into the TV have been passed through the large holes and down the chimney. To hang the plasma TV onto the wall will require two or three people. Preferably two to hold it and one to plug in the leads and guide it onto the bracket.

The TV fits on this bracket by offering it up to the bracket on an angle so that the top of the TV is leaning backwards, hook the mountings onto the mounting rails and then push the bottom of the plasma to the wall. Then pull the lever that locks the TV in position ( marked with Blue arrow)

plasma tv on wall

Here you can see that the plasma TV is now in position and that the wires are hidden in the chimney.

The fireplace hole has been plaster boarded, but not completely which still allows ventilation. Once this is plastered it can be wall papered. Surround sound speakers will sit on each shelf and the wires for these will be chased into the wall behind the TV and then will be covered with plaster and the wires will also pass down the chimney.

LCD tv on wall

This is the project almost completed.