Fixing to aerated concrete, often called Thermalite is more difficult than fixing to hard masonry such as brick or stone. Special care must be taken when fixing to Thermalite as  normal wall plugs will not hold correctly.



It is easy to identify a Thermalite block when it has not been built into a wall because of the weight of it. Thermalite blocks are extremely light when compared to a solid concrete block and can easily be lifted in one hand by most people.

fixing to Thermolite

Identifying Thermalite when it has been built into a wall and has been plastered is a little more difficult, but you can easily tell by drilling the wall. You do not need a masonry drill or an hammer action drill to drill Thermalite, it is so soft that virtually any drill will make a hole through it.

Drilling an hole in an exact position is harder in Thermalite as the drill tends to wander a little bit and so you have to drill very slowly and cautiously. Here we are fixing a bracket for a towel radiator to a Thermalite wall using special Thermalite fixing plugs.

universal plug

Universal plugs can be used in aerated concrete (Thermalite).

plasma tv on thermolite wall

This plasma TV is held to the Thermalite wall using universal plugs and two inch long screws. Universal plugs are used in the same way as standard wall plugs, but hammer action is not required when drilling the hole. Please click here for instructions on how to use Wall plugs- Wall Plugs

resin fixing

For heavier fixings you can use an injection fixing and studs- Resin Fixings