Here we are going to fit a earth clamp to a 15mm copper pipe, this would be done in both Main equipotential bonding and supplementary equipotential bonding.


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earthing strap

1. Tightening screw 2. Locknut 3. Earthing strap 4. Earthing terminal 5. Label "SAFETY ELECTRICAL CONNECTION- DO NOT REMOVE"


earth strap

When you purchase a earth clamp it will probably look like this one. The clamp is only arranged this way for packing purposes and is not fit with the Label in this position!

earth strap ready for use

The label must be removed from the earth clamp as a good electrical connection cannot be achieved with the Label attached to the clamp.

earth strap ready for use

Remove the tightening screw and lock nut from the body of the clamp and feed the screw through the round hole on the label.

attach label

Now place the lock nut back onto the screw and then screw the screw back into the body of the clamp

clean copper pipe

It is of vital importance that the contact between the clamp and the copper pipe is clean, so clean the area where the clamp is to be fitted with wire wool. If the pipe has been painted, the paint needs removing and then cleaning with wire wool.

install earth clamp

Here you can see that the pipe is very clean. start by loosening the locking nut enough, so that there is a clear gap to push the strap through once the strap has been wrapped around the pipe.

install earth clamp to pipe

wrap the strap around the pipe once and feed it through the gap in the body of the earth clamp.

tighten earth clamp to pipe

Now using a pair of suitable pliers, pull the strap so that it is tight. Using your other hand and a good fitting screw driver tighten the locking screw up. This needs to be a good tight connection!

tighten earth clamp screw

The clamp should now be very tight and you should not be able to move it up or down the pipe. The lock nut now needs tightening to ensure the screw does not loosen due to expansion/contraction from hot or cold water etc.

tighten earth clamp lock nut

Tighten the nut tight against the body of the clamp so that it cannot work loose.

safety electrical connection- do not remove

You now have a earth clamp that is securely fastened to the pipe, you can now connect the appropriate earthing wire to the pipe, on the earthing terminal screw at the bottom. Now please read how to connect the earthing wire to the clamp.