The best way of connecting an earth wire to a earthing clamp is to use a lug that can be crimped onto the wire. Ideally professional ratchet crimping pliers should be used but it's unlikely that anyone doing DIY will own a pair so for this tutorial normal crimping pliers have been used

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crimp lug

You will need to get the correct size lug for the wire that you are using and will need a suitable crimping tool, your local electrical stockist will advise you.Strip enough of the insulation from the wire so that the conducting wire fits the the top of the lug, but do not strip off too much insulation or you will see a gap between the lug and the insulation material, which will make it look amateurish.

crimp lug on earth wire

Push the wire all the way into the lug.

crimping pliers

Place the lug in to the correct crimping location in the pliers and then squeeze the handles together as hard as possible.

lug crimped onto wire

The lug should now be firmly connected to the wire. Hold the wire firmly and try and pull the lug off, if you succeed in removing the lug then it was not crimped sufficiently. Obtain a new lug and try again until you cannot pull the lug off!

earthing clamp installed

Now remove the screw from the earthing terminal and the washer.

align lug

Align the hole in the lug with the hole in the earthing terminal and replace the screw and the washer

earthing terminal

Tighten the earthing terminal screw with a good fitting screw driver.

earthing terminal complete

The finished job should look like this!

When you are bonding pipes together, for example beneath a boiler or in a airing cupboard, or bathroom it makes sense to plan a route where a single wire can be used. This single wire will connect to the furthest pipe by using a lug and then to each other earth clamp by simply removing a small piece of insulation as described below.

earth wire

Mark both sides of the earthing terminal on the insulation of the wire using a sharp knife (wearing cut resistant gloves)

cut earth wire

Carefully cut around the insulation with a sharp knife, making sure that you do not press on too hard. It is advisable to wear cut resistant gloves when doing this!

slit earth wire

Now slice down the wire so that the two marks you have made are joined together

remove sleeve from earth wire

Remove the piece of insulation, exposing the bare conductor

separate conductors

Separate the strands of copper by using a small screwdriver

insert screw

Push the screw from the earthing terminal through the hole that you have made in the copper conductor

tighten earth screw

Using a good fitting screw driver tighten the screw to the earthing terminal, tightly. Repeat this as many times as necessary.