Turbo gold screw

Turbogold® woodscrews are exceptional quality woodscrews. I have been using Turbogold® woodscrews for many years and they are the woodscrew of choice for me. Whether you are simply screwing a numeral to a front door or driving large screws through thick pieces of timber, you will struggle to find a better quality woodscrew. Turbogold® woodscrews make DIY much easier. I have always been a believer that using the correct tools and materials for the job is essential if you want to do the job successfully. You can go get wood screws extremely cheaply now, but when you use them you will find that you will have to drill a pilot hole and you may also find that when driving them with a drill driver the bit will "cam out" and damage the head of the screw, making it impossible to drive. Turbogold® screws do not have this problem and that is why I and thousands of professionals choose them.

Turbo gold woodscrew

1.Self countersinking head

2.Double countersunk

3.Double hardened core

4.Unique rifled shank

5.Single Thread

6.Razor sharp tip

self countersinking

The Prodrive® head on the Turbogold® woodscrews means that when driving them in using a drill/driver it is possible to drive the largest of Turbogold® woodscrews through timber without even drilling a pilot hole first. Turbogold® woodscrews are so sharp and are designed so well that if you use a suitably powered drill it is possible to drive the drill straight through the piece of wood that you are fixing.

no pilot hole

Pilot hole drilling is not necessary when using Turbogold® woodscrews. Their razor sharp point and the unique design of the screw means that drilling a pilot hole, even for close to the edge fixing is no longer necessary.