Power tools can be extremely dangerous if not used correctly. The correct techniques and personal protective equipment must be worn at all times.


Some basic rules should be adhered to at all times to ensure your safety and the safety of others around you.

  • Before using any power tool ensure you read and understand the user manual as it contains important information about operating the machine safely.
  • Keep power tools away from water, this includes using them outside in the rain.
  • Never use a damaged power tool.
  • Do not carry or pick up or lower a power tool by it's power cord.
  • Always unplug a power tool after use and always unplug the machine or remove the battery from a cordless machine when changing a blade or disk.
  • Keep other people and animals out of the area where you are working. Children and animals often do not realise the dangers until it's too late!
  • Never fool around with power tools or let children use them.
  • Never put a machine down until it has stopped moving. A while back a guy put a circular saw down whilst the blade was still turning, the guard was faulty and the saw was propelled at speed along the floor and up his body causing him serious injuries!
  • Never use a mains voltage power tool outside unless it is protected by an RCD (residual current device)


Wear safety gloves when using some power tools

Safety gloves are recommended when using most power tools, please check your instructions and if necessary wear gloves. As well as offering protection from puncture wounds and cuts some gloves help reduce vibration which can cause serious problems in later life.

Wear safety gloves when using some power tools

Be aware that some power tools can create a lot of sparks, such as when cutting or grinding metal with an abrasive disk. A risk assessment should be carried out before commencing such work. Any flammables should be removed from the area and the correct PPE should be worn at all times.


Whilst power tool accidents are common, some of the results can be beyond belief, I know people who have lost fingers on circular saws and a friend who lost his eye when an abrasive disk disintegrated on a grinder. Only recently a Lady was Killed when she was using a power drill up some steps, some how the cord got stuck in the chuck and wrapped around her neck and strangled her to death!