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laying blocks

Check each block and ensure that it is level before moving onto the next block. In this instance we will start all new rows on the right hand side because it is much easier to have the cut pieces where the new wall joins the old wall.

check with spirit level

Ensure that the ends of the blocks are covered with mortar before laying them together. Bed the blocks down firmly into the bed of mortar and ensure that each block is in line with the string line and that each block is level.

check for vertical level

When starting the second row you should start with half a block/brick and ensure that it is perfectly in line with the row below and that it is level. Face the cut side of the block/brick to that the cut side is covered by the next block to be laid. This ensures that the exposed corner looks as good as possible.


Here you can see the starting point for the second row of blocks/bricks.


Continue laying the blocks/bricks and ensure that they are always in line and are level. The depth of the joints should be between 10-15mm.

continue bricklaying

On the next row you would start it with a full block again and keep repeating this process until you get to the desired height. Once you have reached the desired height you can cap the wall off using capping stones.

new garden wall

This is the finished wall. The next project is making a new door!