Mould can soon establish itself on a surface in damp, warm conditions. Mould can effect almost any surface as millions of mould spores in the air will soon establish on any suitable surface. Wallpaper, Paint and sometimes Grout all can attract mould!

Mould spores can be very harmful especially for the young, the elderly or people with a underlying health problem. Mould is often caused by condensation so it is essential that condensation is kept to a minimum. More advice can be read here- condensation Do not underestimate how dangerous mould can be, if you have mould you need to get rid of it ASAP, some mould can be toxic and can be very detrimental to your health.


Mouldy tiles

This is a classic example of a poorly ventilated shower area, as you can see the grout and silicone are badly affected by mould.

Mould removed

It's hard to believe it but this is the same shower after it has been treated with Grot buster from Domestos. The silicone was beyond cleaning and has been replaced.

  • If Grouting make sure you get a waterproof grout as mould can soon form on non waterproof grout in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Always make sure that you use a wallpaper paste that contains a fungicide or else you could end up with mouldy wallpaper!

Do Not try and treat the mould with bleach as this will not be successful, it may appear to work for a short while but the mould will reappear in no time. If wall paper has been affected there is no option but to strip it off and replace it, Paint on the other hand can be washed with warm soapy water and then treated with a proprietary fungicide, diluted to the manufacturers instructions, be sure to wear some good quality gloves to protect you from the fungicide. There are some great products on the market that are designed for mould removal but please follow the manufacturers instructions carefully as the mould spores can be harmful when disturbed.


Mould removed

If the mould is forming in a bathroom or kitchen you must ensure that there is adequate ventilation to remove the condensation or the mould will soon reappear.

anti-Mould paint

Special paints are also available for kitchens and bathrooms that contain chemicals to resist mould growth, these should be used whenever possible to minimise the risk of mould forming.

If your shower area is constantly going mouldy it would make sense to ensure that there is adequate ventilation in the room and perhaps renew the silicone sealant with some high quality mould resistant silicone, some are made now which contain Microban and have a 10 year guarantee against going mouldy!