How to remove a scratch from Acrylic (Perspex)

If your bath or a piece of Acrylic has become scratched do not despair as it can easily be polished out with little effort. You cannot remove scratches from Frost effect and non reflective finishes by this method, only gloss finishes can be treated this way!


scratched acrylic or perspex

Here we have a small piece of Perspex® from Lucite® which is exactly what is used in caravan windows, you can clearly see the scratch!

wet and dry paper

Start by rubbing the scratch with some wet and dry paper of 600 grade, using some water and soap as a lubricant, the Acrylic may go frosted and have lots of tiny scratches but these will disappear later.

wet and dry paper 800 grade

Change the grade of wet and dry paper to 800 grade and continue to gently rub the scratch, now change to 1200 grade wet and dry paper and continue rubbing. Thoroughly clean and dry the area, note how the finish has gone frosted

Brasso or Duraglit

Use a course metal polish such as Brasso or Duraglit to remove the frosted effect.

polish with silver polish

Finally polish the area with silver polish.

The scratch is no longer visible

The scratch will have been removed and there will be no evidence of a scratch ever being there!