Here are a few items made from Perspex that will hopefully inspire you to have a go at making something yourself from this fantastic product-


glass brick wall featuring Perspex

This is a feature made from Glass bricks, Perspex® from Lucite® and Stainless steel.

Perspex illuminated by LED's

Perspex® has been used for the base and the top of this feature, behind the perspex® are LED lights, which change colour.

Perspex heart shaped table

This Perspex Heart shaped table was made in less than one day and would make a fantastic addition to any room!

Make a Perspex table

Perspex coral shelf

Perspex Coral has a unique 3D pattern, here it has been cut and the edge has been polished then it can be used as a shelf

You can see the video of how to make this here- Perspex Coral shelf video