It is quite common for a toilet lever ( often called a toilet handle ) to break. Normally when the toilet lever does not cause the toilet to flush it is often because the cistern lever arm has broken, this is much more common than the actual toilet lever itself breaking.


broken toilet lever

This is the broken toilet lever arm.

remove cistern lid

Remove the cistern lid and place it somewhere where it will not fall over and break. There is no need to empty the cistern or isolate the water supply for this job.

broken toilet handle

Here you can clearly see that the lever has broken.

undo screw

Undo the screw on the lever arm and remove the broken piece of metal.

Be careful as the metal will be sharp

undo flanged nut

Undo the retaining nut using a suitable spanner and remove the old lever.

insert new lever

Insert the new lever arm into the hole in the cistern.

slide on washer and flanged nut

Slide on the washer ( if there is one ) and the retaining nut.

slide lever on arm

Now slide the lever arm onto the lever.

tighten flanged nut

Tighten the nut to hold the lever in place.

tighten screw

Ensure that the lever arm is in a straight line with the syphon hook and tighten the screw.

fit cistern lid

Refit the cistern lid- Job done!