Removing a toilet is not normally difficult unless the bolts and screws holding it in position are rusted or damaged. Here we remove a toilet from a small en-suite bathroom before installing a new toilet.


old toilet

This is the old toilet that we will be removing. As you can see the pipes are boxed in and these will probably need removing as it is unlikely that the new toilet will fit in the exact same position.

isolate water

Firstly isolate the water supply to the toilet by closing the isolating valve. If there is not one then you will have to isolate it elsewhere- Isolate the water supply

isolate water

Now flush the toilet to empty the cistern and remove the cistern lid.

soak up water

There will be some water left in the bottom of the cistern, you can soak this up using a sponge. All the water needs removing from the cistern. You can wring the sponge out over the toilet bowl or the basin

toilet wing nuts

At the back of the toilet pan there are two bolts that secure the cistern to the toilet pan. These need removing and undo in an anti-clockwise direction. If they are tight spray them with penetrating oil and then try again.

removed wing nuts

Remove the wing nuts from the bolts.

undo union

remove the water pipe from the water inlet valve on the cistern and disconnect the overflow pipe (if there is one). You can now lift off the cistern and remove it completely.

undo screws

Undo the screws in the base of the toilet pan, there are normally either 2 or 4 screws. Remove the screws and then you can slide the toilet forwards away from the soil pipe. Do this carefully and ensure that you do not damage the pie when removing the toilet pan.