Tile saws can be used on ceramic tiles and can often be purchased for a few pounds.  You can also buy Rod saw blades to fit a normal hacksaw, these blades do not have teeth but are made from Tungsten carbide grit. Because the blades have no teeth they can be used to saw in any direction.


tile saw

Tile saws can be used to cut ceramic tiles.

These saws have a deep frame to enable cuts in tiles, the blade is normally made of Tungsten Carbide.

tile marked for cutting

A tile saw is useful for cuts like this.

Because the blade is round it is easy to change direction or saw in any direction using the saw

sawing tile

If possible clamp the tile carefully to a piece of wood to prevent it from moving whilst you saw it.

Do not apply too much pressure to the saw or you can break the blade

nibble tile

In this example we are using tile nibblers to nibble away between the two saw lines, but if you wanted to you could saw between the two lines.

Tile saw blades do tend to wear down quickly, so if you intend using them a lot it's a good idea to buy a few of them!