Tile Nibblers / Nippers can come in extremely useful for use on wall or floor tiles

tile nibblers

Tile Nibblers / Nippers are a very useful piece of kit.

These can be used to nip tiny pieces at once from the edge of the tiles. Tile Nibblers are great for mosaic tiles and a special pair can be obtained that can be used on Glass Mosaic tiles.

nibble tile

Do not try and remove too much of the tile in one go.

It is a good idea to practice on a scrap tile first.

To use the tile nibblers open them up like a pair of pliers, then close them to start nibbling tiny pieces of the tile.

nibble wall tile

After a bit of practice you will be able to nibble out shapes in not time at all.

It's often a good idea to clean up the nibbled edge of the tile using a tile file- Tile file