How to repack a stopcock or stop tap gland

You may find on older stop taps that there is a slight drip from between the Gland nut and spindle, again this should be easy to rectify. You do not normally need to isolate the water in order to repack a stopcock gland. Firstly try tightening the gland nut as in some cases this will stop the leak.


stopcock gland

The gland nut can be removed and repacked without the water being isolated. It is advisable to use two suitable spanners, one to hold the large nut on the stop tap and one to undo the gland nut. The nut will undo in an anti-clockwise direction.

stopcock gland removal

Slide the gland nut up the spindle and then remove any old bits of packing from the gland.

wrap with ptfe tape

Wrap some PTFE tape tightly around the spindle of the stop tap. You need quite a bit so, build up a few layers. If you do not have any PTFE tape you can use Wool that has been covered in petroleum Jelly.

Do not apply too much packing to the gland or else the tap will not operate correctly.

repack stopcock

Push the PTFE tape into the gland and then push the gland nut down, into the gland.

repack stopcock gland

Re tighten the nut using a suitable spanner. Try and turn the handle and if it becomes too tight then un tighten the gland nut slightly.