Unfortunately vans are often broken into, some thief's are intent on stealing expensive tools that tradesmen need in order to complete their daily job. Parasites that steal from a tradesman's van are not only stealing his tools but are stealing the means for him to earn his livelihood.

Unfortunately van manufacturers do not make all vans as secure as possible and some vans are notorious for having lock vulnerabilities that are soon opened by a would be thief. There are after market solutions that can easily be fitted to make your vehicle less of a target.

When it comes to buying a new van look for one that has an alarm/immobiliser installed as standard and also dead locks if possible as this will give you an head start in protecting it.


van locks

A Shackle-less van lock like the picture to the left is a great way of protecting a vehicle. A lock like this can be installed in a couple of hours to either hinged doors or sliding doors. Locks like these are extremely difficult to break into and offer good security. Popular makes include Sterling, Kasp and Kryptonite.

If your van has a bulkhead fitted then securing the back is much easier as a thief's only way of entering it is through the back door or side doors if fitted, vans with no bulkhead are at increased risk as smashing a window could enable a thief to crawl in and steal items, which makes having an alarm very important.

van vault

For many people the only way to guarantee the safe storage of tool in a vehicle is by using a van safe, such as this van vault. This lockable steel chest will make it much more difficult for a thief to steal valuable tools.

As well as making it as difficult as possible for a thief it is also a good idea to have specific tool insurance for when the tools are in the van, this insurance can be bought for a couple of hundred pounds in most cases and should mean that if the tools are stolen at least they will be insured. Some van insurers also now offer tool insurance along with regular van insurance.