Anti climb paint is also known as anti vandal paint or anti intruder paint, the paint is available in several different colours and when applied to surfaces can stop intruders from climbing because the paint never goes hard. Anti climb paint is extremely difficult to remove from clothes and in some cases it will be impossible to remove.

anti climb paint

This is a 5 litre tin of PC99 Grey anti intruder paint, once applied to a surface it will make it extremely difficult for anyone to climb on the surface.

This paint can be a very effective deterrent although it must only be applied over shoulder height, It is a good Idea to check with your local council or Police to make sure it is applied above the correct height or you could possibly be sued if someone was to ruin their clothes with it.

Warning signs which also act as a deterrent should also be displayed.

After a few years the paint does eventually dry out and if it is applied to a roof or similar it is not unusual for it to be washed away completely. Anti climb paint must also be used with caution as it makes repair work on covered surfaces very difficult! When applying the anti-climb paint it is best if you wear old clothing as it is almost impossible to remove from fabric. The paint can be applied with a brush and should be applied thickly. Never use a good quality brush as you may have to throw the brush away after use! I often keep one brush solely for use with anti climb paint as the paint never hardens, so when the painting is finished I merely swap the bristles in cling film to prevent anyone from coming into contact with it.


anti climb paint on roof

This garage roof has had several coats of anti climb paint over the years, you can see from the picture that there are marks in the paint where people have attempted to climb on the roof. If you look in the gutter you will also see lots of black sludge that seems to be made from the washed off paint. This roof is often recoated every couple of years but it still does not stop vandals from trying to damage the roof.