The Bosch GFS 350 E fine cut saw is a favourite amongst all of it's users because there is currently no other saw that has the versatility of this saw. Because the blade is mounted on the side of the machine it is an ideal saw for cutting the bottom of door casings and architraves at floor level, the saw can then be fitted onto the KT 60 cut-off table and it can be used to create perfect mitre joints. This saw is a favourite amongst Laminate and hardwood flooring contractors and when you use one you will know why.


Bosch GFS 350 E

This is the Bosch GFS 350 E 

It comes in a sturdy carrying case and is complete with the KT60 cut-off table, three clamps and two blades.

Bosch GFS 350 E undercutting door frame

The Bosch GFS 350 E fine cut saw is the perfect tool for cutting the bottom from door casings and architrave, when fitting laminate or hardwood flooring.

Bosch GFS 350 E cutting beading

The Bosch GFS 350 E is perfect for cutting accurate mitre's once it is fastened to the KT 60 cut off table.

Bosch GFS 350 E clamps

The cut-off table can be fastened to almost any bench and is easy to fix using the two clamps that are supplied with the kit.

The Bosch GFS 350 E is a very useful piece of kit, there is not another saw that I know of on the market today that can be used to cut the bottom off door casings and architrave and can then also be used to cut the beading very accurately.

Mitre's are perfect when cut with this saw and the cut-off table. Could I find a bad thing to say about it? Well if I was to be picky I could say that it is difficult to get the cut-off table to sit in the carrying case, but after you have done it a few times it is quite easy.

Bosch GFS 350 E picture

The saw has an on/off switch that can be locked in the on position, by pushing it forwards. There is a dial at the rear to increase or decrease the stroke rate.

Bosch GFS 350 E blade

Always unplug the machine before changing the blade! The saw also has one of the easiest blade change mechanisms available. With this sds clamping system all you have to do is insert the bent -out front connecting piece onto the hook.

Bosch GFS 350 E blade fitting

Then push the blade down whilst pressing the red tab.